Pop-up windows & fixed elements

There are a variety of popup windows that we can add to your website.

A traditional pop-up or “modal” window creates a mode that disables the main window behind the popup, but keeps the main window visible. You must “do” something with the popup (click an X, complete a form, or click a link) before the popup disappears.

We can also add fixed-element popups like the one at the bottom left of this page. With this sample, when you click the element, a window slides open. These types of pop-ups are less intrusive than the modal window shown above.

  • Popups can display automatically or can be triggered with a link or button.
  • We can display the pop-up on all pages or on select pages.
  • Popups should be used with care as they can turn some users off.
  • Pop-ups are an add-on to our 123 Go Websites so require an extra fee.

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