What pages should you choose?

Pages are used to display the core content (text and images) on your website. We list your five pages in the main menu (in the page header) and, if requested, at the bottom of each page (in a footer menu). Additional pages are available as an add-on.

Click below to view sample page sets by type of business or specific goal. We also show how you can combine content to maximize your five pages.

Retail Store
Homepage – Products – Coupons – Blog* – Location

Service Company With Storefront
Homepage – Services – About Us – Blog* – Location

Service Company Without Storefront
Homepage – Services – About Us – Blog* – Service Areas

Real Estate Agent
Homepage – Properties – About Me – Blog* – Contact
(Integrated MLS property listings available for purchase as a site add-on.)

Vacation Rental Company
Homepage – Vacation Rentals – Management Services – Area Info & Updates* – Contact

Professional Office
Homepage – Services – Staff – News* – Contact

Restaurant 1
Homepage – Menu – Reservations – Blog* – Location

Restaurant 2
Homepage – Menu – Order – Blog* – Location

Event /Entertainment
Homepage – Schedule/Lineup – News and Updates* – Sponsors – Tickets

Non-profit Organization
Homepage – About Us – News* – Contact – Donate

*Designates a Posts Page. Posts are used to add news, updates and articles to your website. You can learn more about posts on our Posts page.

  • Contact Page – NAP (name, address, phone), email address, store or office address, mailing address, business hours, map link, etc.
  • Location Page – Showing your address, a map, and direction
  • Signup Page – For your mailing list or alerts

  • Posts Page – This page lists and links to any posts you add. We can name the posts page anything you like–Blog, News, Updates, Articles, etc.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page – A great way to provide information that you know people ask about often.

  • Services Page – A list and explanation of the services you offer.
  • Products Page – An online catalog of the products you offer.
  • Specials, Discounts or Coupons Page
  • Customer Service Page – Ordering instructions, payment methods, return policies, shipping policies, etc.
  • Testimonials or Reviews Page

  • Service Areas Page – A list of all the cities, states, or locations you service. This information is very important if you want to rank in the search engines for those locations.
  • About Page – Background information, awards, founding members, staff, mission statement, etc.
  • Upcoming Events Page
  • Area Information Page
  • Staff Page
  • Portfolio/Photo Gallery
  • Employment Opportunities/Careers Page

  • If you place a paragraph about your business, contact information, a map link, and service areas in the page footers, then you may not need separate pages for those items.
  • If you want to add posts, but don’t want a posts page, then we can insert your most recent posts onto the homepage or into the page footers.
  • Photos, upcoming events, area information, and job opportunities all make great posts. If you add these items as posts in a blog or news page, then you may not need a separate page for each.
  • Customer service information can go onto a Contact or FAQs page, and specials and testimonials can go onto a Products or Services page.
  • You can also add-on additional pages if five just isn’t enough. There are lots of possibilities!

What can go on each page?

Web pages in the context of your 123 Go Website may include up to 300 words of text, up to three photos, and up to one embedded video. If your page content exceeds these limits, we will notify you of the extra cost to add additional text, photos, videos, or other add-ons.