Sample photo galleries

tabby cat

When you have multiple photos to display on a webpage, we might use a gallery block to display them. (Note: 123 Go websites come with three images per page. Adding additional images during the initial website setup costs extra.)

Galleries come in several styles:

  • Grid
  • Carousel 
  • Slider 
  • Masonry
  • Tile

Other photo gallery styles and infinite scroll are available as add-ons. In addition, we can enable lightboxes (photo pop ups) and turn captions on or off for any of the gallery styles shown here.

Grid galleries

We can choose the number of images to display per row in the grid. You can click any photo to open a lightbox (photo pop up) and scroll through all the images in the gallery by clicking on back and forward arrows.

This gallery has six images per row on desktop computers (fewer on mobile), captions turned off, and lightboxes enabled. Click any photo to open the lightbox slideshow:

This grid gallery with larger photos and lightboxes has three images per row on desktop computers (fewer on mobile) and captions turned on:

Image carousel

Images slide but you can see more than one image at a time (on desktop computers). We can set it to slide one image or each page of images when you click Next or Previous.

Image slider

Images are shown one at a time (with or without the thumbnails).

Masonry gallery

Images are auto-arranged in a mosaic pattern on desktop computers, but are not cropped.

This is like a mosaic gallery on desktop computers, but images are auto-cropped to form an overall rectangle. On small screens there is only one image per row:


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