WooCommerce online shopping

We offer WooCommerce as an add-on to our 123 Go websites. Read below to see what’s included and take our WooCommerce demo store for a test drive.

What’s included in a standard shopping cart:

  • A main shop page. This can be the homepage or a sub page. The main shop page will list your product categories and/or products.
  • Entry of one to five products. Additional product entry is available and is priced per product.
  • A single product page for each product with price, sku, featured photo, photo gallery, simple variation choice (like size or color choice boxes), inventory management (if desired), description, online customer reviews (if desired), and related products. Additional fields such as fill-in text or comment boxes, complex variations, and complex photo galleries are extra.
  • One page for each product category.
  • A my account page. Customers with accounts can login to get information about past orders or use the “order again” feature. Logged in customers won’t have to re-fill their stored information.
  • A shopping cart page.
  • A checkout page.
  • Entry of one coupon code.
  • Check, COD, Standard PayPal, or Stripe payment included. (You will need to signup for the PayPal or Stripe account.) Other payment gateways or offline payment processing is extra.
  • A privacy policy and a terms and conditions page liked off the checkout page. We can provide sample text, but require you edit this text to meet your business requirements. You are responsible for the final text that appears on these pages.
  • Simple shipping and tax calculations. Complex calculations may cost extra.
  • Order thank you page.
  • Email notifications to customers and store manager. Basic customization of these 11 different types of notifications.
  • Admin login for the store manager. This allows the store manager to process orders received.

To add or remove from the included features shown here will add to the setup cost.

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